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My Professional Portfolio

Education. Design. Business Development. Commercial Transactions & Development. 

Educational Businesses

April's online educational businesses, Self-Mastery Mentor and Luxe Goddess, teach an array of knowledge from personal development, empowerment, self-mastery and Law of Attraction combined with intuitive knowledge and an expansion on consciousness. To dive deeper into the artistic spectrum of knowledge April has available to share with you, visit her pages below:

Between courses, workbooks, free online content and live events, Self-Mastery Mentor provides a vessel for others to explore the deeper behaviors, personality traits, set goals and aspire to lead as better version. With hours of free online content on YouTube, April has developed numerous workbooks providing tracks for an individual to run in. She will take you through a personal empowerment journey and align you to your best version. 

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Visit to dive deeper into the arts of personal development.

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Navigating the metaphysical realm can be a private and intimate matter as we all have our own unique journey's that navigate us through our experiences. With a perfect mix of astrology, astrocartography, tarot and oracle messages, April provides intuitive awareness across many sectors of life assisting clients through a series of internal journeys big and small. She makes this possible with hours of free content on her YouTube Channel, Luxe Goddess and on her website,

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Full Moon

Visit to explore beautiful treasures of the Universe.

Business Consulting Design

Working with many independent and small business owners, ANK Consulting has had the opportunity to expand companies vision by creating a more efficient back office structure, building out their marketing portfolio, provide ease with engaging in large transactions and further expanding the company's reach.

Her digital skills mixed with team development and goal implementation have been the foundation of her success. 

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Project Management, Business Development and Transactional Consulting are left wing of ANK Consulting, Inc. In this sector of her business April provides professional services for the future growth of a company. She takes the formulas and management style in place and expands on the current structure in place where the business owner may have a 'blind spot'. 

Online Marketing, Social Presence, Corporate Portfolio's and Documentation and Web Design are the right wing of ANK Consulting, Inc. In this sector, April provides her clients with a refreshed appearance and business presence whether online or at the meeting table. 

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Office with a View

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Commercial Transactions Development

Over the last decade, April has expanded her career through the real estate industry. Specializing in hotel transactions, she has had the opportunity to assist in closing several transactions, manage several renovation projects (commercial and residential) and complete one hotel development project throughout her career. 

Her ability to connect the right people with the right investment, business partner, colleague or development team are what set her apart. Her oversight vision and ability to see ahead serve as valuable assets to her clients and team. 

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Towering Skyscrapers

Whether it's commercial funding, brand engagement, land acquisition commercial transactions or property renovations, April has a vast array of knowledge assisting her clients with with every step closer to their dreams. April is partnered with Authentic Business Brokers where she specializes in hotel transactions and development. 

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Health, Vision & Dental Insurance

Keep yourself, your family and your business protect with the best options in Health Insurance. 

April has a partnership with some of the best network providers in the nation. To explore insurance coverage, visit her website.

Keeping your family and employees safe!


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